Tim Cassidy


Counseling Services For Anxious, Stressed, And High-Achieving Individuals.

Preserve Your Health and Your Relationships

Tailored treatment for high-producers with persistent worry, anxiety, loneliness or strained relationships

If you’ve landed here, you might feel overwhelmed, stuck, lonely, and even hopeless – unsure of how to both feel and do better in your life and your relationships. The demands of modern life, even for the most successful people, often create anxiety-inducing complexity.

If poorly managed, these demands can leave us feeling overcommitted, exhausted, inadequate, trapped, lost, and even completely disconnected from ourselves and those we love. These negative experiences can be even more difficult to cope with when there is unresolved trauma. However, psychotherapy can help you begin the process of breaking unhealthy behavioral patterns and emotional freefall.

Services Offered

Counseling Services

Trauma-informed results-focused therapy for high achievers struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic stress.

Coaching Services
Dynamic and collaborative problem-solving and skill-building to achieve more productive and rewarding family relationships.
ADHD Assessment

Diagnostic evaluation for those experiencing problems with focus, concentration, self-motivation, and related behavioral issues.

A Collaborative Effort

I’ll work with you to identify the core issues causing distress, process any unresolved trauma, remove any obstacles to healing, and more successfully manage the sources of your suffering. As part of our counseling journey, we’ll explore your family-of-origin history and dynamics, work to understand how it influences your negative life experiences, and develop a treatment plan to jump start the healing process and begin working toward the results you desire in all domains of life. 

Treatment Focuses and Considerations


Treatment of anxiety and associated relationship distress using cognitive behavioral, relational, narrative, and person-centered therapy approaches.

Processing Unresolved Traumas

Exploring painful experiences from the past, confronting shame and guilt, integrating these painful memories into healthy ones, and cultivating resilience,  

Family & Relationships

Family system considerations and family dynamics exploration. Relationship distress (both romantic and family). 

Life Transitions

Developmental changes, progressing through life stages related to career, education, relationships, births, deaths, and any other challenges life has in store for you along the way.

Experienced With:


      • High achieving/high performing working professionals
      • Professionals entering into retirement or venturing into new career opportunities 
      • Students in high-pressure careers and programs of study
      • Young adults in transition (career, marriage, family growth)
      • College students

Tim Cassidy

Licensed Professional Counselor, MBA, MA, LPC – He/Him/His

I specialize in counseling anxious, stressed, high-achieving and high-performing individuals who are struggling to keep a healthy balance. I usually hear from them at the point their personal health and relationships have begun to suffer. I offer a collaborative, results-focused, and trauma-informed approach to therapy that maximizes on individual client strengths.

“Break free from unhealthy behavioral patterns.”

Let's tackle that worry together and rebuild You.

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