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About You

My clients are high-performing working professionals, students in high pressure programs of study, young adults in transition (e.g. career, relationships, marriage, family growth), and university students. They juggle a lot, may carry heavy burdens from their past, but thrive on the pursuit of life goals and engagement with others. Maintaining balance, proactively investing in relationships, and managing anxiety and stress is important for my clients. They are results-oriented individuals who are achievement motivated, but they need help maintaining healthy connectedness to themselves and the ones they love. Counseling may also be an opportunity for them to explore and process past traumatic experiences to create even more room for growth.

My Counseling Approach

Most counselors adopt a specific therapeutic orientation depending on the training they’ve received, the lens through which they view mental health, and a specific client’s background or presenting concerns. Looking at a counselor’s therapeutic orientation can help you determine if you’ve found a counselor who might be a good match. Through a multicultural and trauma-informed lens, I generally view your mental health profile as a result of your experiences with early attachment to caretakers, the quality of your childhood experience, your role in the family-of-origin, and how all of this influences the way you relate to yourself and others in the way you think, feel, and behave.

We’ll explore your presenting challenges and relate them back to attachment theory. I may ask you about your memories with early caregivers and how they responded to your needs as a child. I’ll be interested to learn from you how these caretakers communicated with you as well as the roles they may have played in your upbringing. I may also invite you to explore (if you feel comfortable) any difficult or traumatic childhood experiences. From this, we will learn more about your attachment style and how it may be influencing your current relationships.  

We’ll look deeper into your family system dynamics within your family-of-origin and how you influence and are influenced by these dynamics. We’ll look at the role you play in the system, how you came into that role, and how your role supports the system. We’ll also examine your level of self-differentiation (i.e. how well you maintain an autonomous self independent of the family system and your role in it). All of this information will help us begin to understand the genesis of what you’re suffering today and how we might create the conditions for healing.

An incredibly effective therapy approach for almost any concern you may bring to counseling. We’ll examine your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors both independently and in relationship to one another, with the goal of shifting unhelpful behaviors, relieving thought distortions, and regulating emotions.

When you feel comfortable doing so, we’ll create a space to allow you to explore and process any trauma that may contribute to your suffering or negatively impact your relationship to yourself or others.

Modalities Treated


“Are you feeling stuck in your worry, preoccupation, compulsivity, or perfectionism? Is it stifling your productivity? Causing problems in your relationships? I’m here to help!”

Tim Cassidy, MBA, MA, LPC

Counseling Services & Fees*

For the privacy of my clients, I do not work with health insurance providers.

Initial Consultation

15 Minutes

Upon request, I offer prospective clients an introductory phone call to ask about anything not covered on the website that would be important for them to know before booking an intake to begin exploring clinical concerns.

Intake Evaluation

85 Minutes

This is the initial counseling meeting where we will gather comprehensive information on your personal background and health history, establish an understanding of counseling roles and expectations, discuss confidentiality, informed consent, and address any other questions or concerns you might have about how we will work together. I may also explain my therapy orientation and specific counseling skills or modalities we may deploy as part of treatment.

Individual Therapy Session

55 Minutes

Couples/Family Therapy

55 Minutes

*For the privacy of my clients, I do not work with insurance.

*Payment due at time of service – Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, FSA/HRA cards.

Deposit: A $150 nonrefundable deposit may be required to secure a counseling intake appointment. This amount will be applied to your full intake fee.

No show: The full fee for the session is owed. Late cancellation (under 24 hours): $85. Clinical communication outside of session (emails, phone calls, etc.) in excess of 10 minutes will be charged at $50 per 15 minutes.

Certifications & Affiliations

As required by the State of Kansas for clinical training purposes, I practice under clinical supervisor Amanda Petrik-Gardner, LCPC 2245


Let's tackle that worry together and rebuild You.

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