Coaching Services

$3k-$5k coaching “packages” aren’t for everyone. Get results with a flexible coaching plan made for YOU.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching involves a series of interactions between a mentor and a client for the purpose of sharing knowledge, teaching, and demonstrating effective techniques, as well as facilitating the client’s confidence, self-esteem, and belief that he or she is capable of success. Coaching is different from therapy with a mental health professional. Coaching involves walking a mentally healthy client through difficult situations while focusing on external issues and their solutions with an orientation toward the present and future state.

Who Can Benefit?

I coach clients dealing with complicated family relationships – specifically those that have begun to severely impact the client’s quality of life for extended periods of time. Oftentimes these strained or soured relationships will turn toxic, preventing the client from positively maintaining separate relationships and hijacking an otherwise positive life experience. My objective in coaching these clients is to help them confront these issues, cope with outcomes, and ultimately move toward healthy and sustainable family relationships.

“I’m a CTA-certified life coach who can help walk you through difficult times as you carve a healthier path – one that involves family relationships that enhance your well-being.”

Tim Cassidy, MBA, MA


Many potential clients are hesitant to jump into the standard “package” offerings common in the coaching industry today. Some of these packages can run $3-$5K for 10-12 sessions. This can be a risky proposition at the outset, since it leaves little room to renegotiate if circumstances change. Laying out that much cash at once for many clients presents a tremendous financial burden among life’s many competing priorities.

I’m flexible and happy to offer you several options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Coaching Services & Fees*

Discovery Session

60 Minutes

The initial meeting where we get to know you, your challenges, and what you aim to achieve from our coaching relationship. We’ll also go over what coaching is, what it isn’t, and how a custom coaching program will be developed to address your needs. I’ll get a lot of information from you to help us plan and strategize how to set measurable and achievable goals and begin working toward them.

Individual Session

55 Minutes

Tandem Session

55 Minutes –

A coaching session attended by you and a partner. 


$40 Per Quarter Hour –

Conducted via phone call or text messaging. 

*If you’re interested in purchasing prepaid sessions in advance, that can certainly be arranged at any point during your journey. Discount rates are available in 5 session increments, starting at a 5% discount for the first five prepaid sessions, increasing by an additional 5% for each successive block of five sessions prepaid.


* Payment due at time of service – Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Deposit: A $125 nonrefundable deposit may be required to secure an initial discovery session. This amount will be applied to your full appointment fee.

No show: The full fee for the session is owed. Late cancellation (under 24 hours): $85.


Find better happier healthier family relationships today.

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